Winnetka Carriage House

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Functioning as a garage and workshop, this two-story structure takes advantage of a sloping terrain and is built into the side of the ravine. The design intent is to replicate an outbuilding that might have accompanied the historic colonial house that occupies this site on Lake Michigan.

A drive meanders up to the house from the bottom of the hill at Sheridan Road. As the drive climbs, the workshop is accessed from the lower level south façade and the garage from the upper-level east façade. In the west side of the upper-level, there is a gardening workshop and a stair connecting both levels. Precast planks form the garage floor. The carriage house takes advantage of the site not only to allow access to both levels but also to enhance views from the house to the lake, block views of the neighbor’s home and frame and contain the small backyard. The amount of pavement in the rear yard of the house has been reduced significantly. From the drive up the hill, the building looks imposing but from the house it has the feel of a small cottage. The owner took pains to create historically accurate windows that match those of the main house.


Architect for the project; provided all design work and construction support.

Firm: Bruce F. Roth, Architect


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