Ravenswood Home Addition

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The project adds a two-story addition to an existing turn of the century Victorian house in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. The first floor includes a new kitchen, informal dining area/pantry and back entry with a small porch. The second floor includes a new master bedroom suite. The client rejected the popular ‘great-room’ concept with the typical rear deck for a more traditional arrangement. The effect – with painted wood cabinets, built-in open ‘pantry’ style shelving (stenciled by the owner), distressed cupboards, antique work tables and hanging pots and pans – is of a working servants kitchen but where the family actually eats its meals – since no servants are present. The a-symmetrical location of the small back porch provides an entry transition that is recessed into the corner of the house to aid in the Victorian sense of proportion. The intent of the design is to make the addition feel as though it was part of the original house and to this end, the project is largely successful.


Architect for the project; provided all design work and construction support.

Firm: Bruce F. Roth, Architect


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