Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish

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Project Description

The parish at Saint Michael had to make the tough decision either to expand or build a new facility. They were under considerable pressure from the Diocese to build a much larger facility and grow the parish. After a long struggle, they decided to build a new church but with a traditional feel.

The 45,000 s.f. facility includes a 1,200 seat main worship space, 200 seat chapel, a gathering space (narthex) and ambulatory. Also, included is a two story shell for a future social hall, meeting rooms and parish offices. Initial designs looked at a more modern approach but the leadership and the congregation drove the design toward a traditional church and the space has the feel of a basilica. Adding to that, stained glass windows and liturgical treasures from the old church have been incorporated into the new design. The building is constructed of load bearing masonry, some steel framing, heavy timber trusses and wood roof deck and is anchored by a 110 foot bell tower. Brick was brought into the space along with a stamped and stained concrete floor and natural wood furniture and accents. The project also includes extensive site work and storm water management.


Project Manager for the project from Design Development through construction. Acted as principal contact with the client and contractor; lead the design team and performed construction administration tasks.


McBride Kelley Baurer, Architects