Retail Roll-out

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The Right Start was a baby/toddler themed specialty store that evolved from a catalog operation into a retail program. The client came to RGLA with two goals: (1) fix the many design issues that had become apparent in their newly implemented prototype and (2) get stores designed and opened on-time (prior to the Holiday shopping season). The design was evaluated and refined and stores began to roll-out in higher-end malls across the country. The refinement was not a total re-design but instead, was meant to “fix” and standardize some of the store’s architectural details, millwork, fixturing, lighting and signage. We also helped the Owner find vendors and general contractors, develop a bulk buying program for millwork, lighting and fixturing and coordinated the construction process (bidding, contracting and execution).


Project Architect / Project Manager: Involved with multiple projects in the retail roll-out program. Was a ‘full-service’ Architect to the client’s construction department. Directed all of the work including store design refinement, store fixture and signage refinement and project delivery – design through construction. Project delivery included: surveying proposed spaces, developing project budgets and schedules, development of the contract documents, coordination of bid activities and construction administration phase work. Directed all aspects of the process and provided a detailed status reporting of the active projects, for use by the Owner in managing their process.

Firm: Robert G. Lyon & Associates (now RGLA Solutions)


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