The Branch Banks

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Project Description

Two 4000 square foot branch banks were designed for suburban locations for Comerica Bank. For the first project, Woodstock, two very compact and efficient floor plans were developed. One floor plan was selected and the other was modified slightly and used for the later, second project, Glenview. Both projects are similar in nature and employ some of the same materials but differ in their scale and siting. For example, the Woodstock project appears much larger and more massive while still maintaining the horizontal lines of a ‘prairie’ bank. The intent here is for the bank to have a greater impact on the surrounding area. At Glenview, however, the height was reduced significantly and the roof is more modest so as not to overpower a smaller site in a more upscale area. The projects represent a study in the design of a community bank based on the functional/technological parameters dictated by the client and the shell design (massing, materials, etc.) developed by the architect.


Project Architect / Project Manager: Directed the projects from conception through construction. Both projects included an extensive municipal approval process.


Robert G. Lyon & Associates