MRI Hospital Suite

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Rhode Island Hospital’s MRI facility was typical of a turn-key, design-build project completed by the General Electric, Medical Systems Group (now GE Healthcare). This early magnet was fully shielded for both magnetic and radio frequency waves and included a large, environmentally conditioned, computer room with raised computer floor. Ironically, this facility was built in the hospital’s original (abandoned) x-ray building that dated from the early 20th century. The MedFacs group at GE Medical completed a number similar projects, across the country, during the time when MRI technology was first being developed and required specialized design and construction considerations. Projects included: new freestanding clinics, renovated hospital spaces and in some cases, larger multi-modality renovations that employed a full complement of radiological equipment.


Job Captain / Project Architect for the project. Completed the design and working drawings and assembled specifications. Coordinated with the in-house project team: design team, medical equipment space planners, MEPFP engineers, and construction department. Completed construction administration tasks – office and field.

Firm: GE Medical Systems


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